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The sessions will follow a program structured by 10 sessions. The program is divided into three sections: superficial (sleeve), deep (core) and integration, and is a holistic of myofascial therapy that targets everything in the body from the toes to the head according to the properties of the fascia.

In addition to the traditional classical methods, I use the Yielding embodiment® method at the point of view of Spatial Somatics™ to adapt session to the situation at anytime.

In sessions 1-3, the Rolfer™ works primarily on the superficial myofascial layer. The goal is to improve thoracic elasticity through breathing freedom, healthy orientation of the pelvis and shoulder blades, and overall groundwork through improved foot and back. In sessions 4-7, Rolfer™ works on the deep myofascial layers, aligning the tissues around the longitudinal "lines" of the body. Sessions 8-10 are designed to balance the entire body and increase integration. In this session, the Rolfer and client work together on body awareness and movement, paying attention to ensure that the change is sustained.

It is preferable to wear loose clothing such as shorts pants and a T-shirt with thin fabric that is easy to move around in. (Women prefer to wear yoga wear such as spats and regis, but please avoid slippery materials) Gowns and blankets will be provided, so please feel free to let us know before you get cold.


Sessions last about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the condition of your body at the time. The length of time and effectiveness are not necessarily proportional. In addition, a brief physical examination will be performed, so please consider it to be about two hours or less.

If you've had Basic10 sessions in the past, I'd recommend Post 10, or Rolf Movement®. The interval between sessions will depend on the person's physical condition, but my experience is that it is wise to allow at least a week or so between sessions.


〓 The session fee is 15,000Yen each session. Payment is cash only.


〓 If you are pregnant  〓 If you are mental illness(by the ask your doctor)


〓 If you have an infectious disease  〓 After alcohol consumption

〓 If you have a malignant tumor. Please refrain from the session.


〓 Thanks for your understand.


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