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 Surfer Den  

Hi my name is Kushi, nice to meet you. I have been accredited Rolfing® practitioner by the European Rolfing® Association in 2017, and now I started session in Fukuoka, Japan.

I like travel around anywhere in the world for specially near the beach, because I am a surfer. It has been more than 20 years of my lifestyle so far. So I have "easy going" character I guess.

Past my lifestyle, I have met a lot of people over the world, then learn to different language, cultural and style of life it became excellent experience of my life as well.

The surf is one of my passions, it feels a kind of art to me. Because the wave are actually natural art from mother of nature and it likes a canvas, so could go for down the line of my style of feel anytime.

However, when I got nearly 40's I could not surf, even painful for walking as well. Because I have been serious chronic back and neck pain since when I was young.

I have been to many hospitals for medical check to that problem, but doctor could not found out any cause for that. So I decided to cure my self from began yoga, pilatice etc,,. And finally found out method of the Rolfing®.


So, I have had session of Rolfing® in 2016, and then had interested to learn that method to myself. Now I felt that integration in my body, it will be support to help other people.

Since then, I have leaned the relationship between Rolfing® and Spatial Somatics™ in classes with Hiroyoshi Tahata and is now also a certified Yielding embodiment® practitioner (which called yielders) as well. In sessions, I explores the Yielding embodiment® philosophy of perceptual soft touch and its relationship to space (MA) and continues to be fascinated by this wonderful world.

Rolfing® is not like a treatment of Shiatsu, any massages and acupuncture etc,,. I actually feel that Rolfing® is one kind of art, and it like a support to re-create our human being. And for me, the feeling of riding the waves and the feeling of doing a session are both about being in harmony with nature, and I enjoy doing them because they both feel similar.

Finally, a warm thanks to Giovanni Felicioni and Hiroyoshi Tahata for their teachings and intuitions on the nature of human expression, which have been important sources and elements of research for my work and studies on the life.


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