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As the traditional Basic10 series, I also offer a series of Rolf Movement™ sessions too, each with a theme of movement by specific structure. Reviewing your previous movement patterns is a good opportunity to acquire a new, ideal state. It's a great way to improve performance and as a regular self maintenance.

At Rolf Movement, I explore options for releasing previous patterns and promoting balance on an individual level, from simple breathing and walking to complex movement coordination.


I work with clients to explore tensions and movement patterns in the body. The important thing is necessarily to establish the most comfortable movement patterns for the client, for prompt to aware economical movements to better balance efficiency on daily life.

Rolfer™ can explore efficient movement with you and will be allow yourself to gain stability and safety. You'll aware that your entire body is efficient, powerful, and fluid.



Many of the movement exercises currently being taught in Europe, the United States and Brazil are derived from French dancer and Rolfer™, Hubert Godard. On the other hand in Japan, we can expect to find more spontaneous and sustained patterns by using Hiroyoshi Tahata established that "Art of Yield" and incorporating static movements that are different from the mainstream dynamic exercises in the West.

According to Godard, humans have a "motor brain," which consists of the brain and body parts that are responsible for movement. This is formed by both the subconscious "body schema" and the consciously crafted "body image", which is in competition with each other.


The "body schema" that resides in those subconscious minds knows how to move the body harmoniously, with as little effort and as gently as possible on the joints, muscles and fascia. This natural movement intelligence is enhanced as the client consciously becomes aware of his or her own body in relation to the space and ground around the body. Humans, on the other hand, develop a "body image" due to certain situations throughout their lives. People adapt their movements to suit their socio-cultural environment, their individual cultivated life backgrounds, and their moods, which results in unfavourable movement and breathing patterns.


So Rolf Movement aims to discover these patterns and find ways to replace them with ideal movements from the subconscious 'body schema'. The aim of the Rolf Movement is to activate the Tonic muscle (slow twitch muscle fibres) rather than the Phasic muscle (fast twitch muscle fibres) to ideally stabilise the body from the inside out, in the pursuit of a harmonious, light and effective movement in gravity.


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