Origin of Rolfing®


Dr.Ida Rolf, after researching various treatments such as osteopathy, homeopathy, and chiropractic, focused on the network of fascia tissue (fascia) that spreads throughout the body. And the Rolfing® process was found by the theory captured in balance of gravity and body.


She had influenced by Oriental thought because she was practiced yoga and meditation also. It became enrich expressions and emotionally, when it brings out the full potential of the body. Therefore, she had the importance of mind and body from vision of the mental world too.

"Gravity is the therapist" is her words. Rather than expecting a temporary change from the practitioner's one-way treatment, the client will provide a space (MA) to accept the change with peace of mind. Therefore, It will be promoting the minimum necessary of intervention leads to profound awareness and has sustainability.

It is the sustainability that enhances for spontaneous remission to originally possessed by humans, and it might be the key point of human evolution on gravity field of the earth. In Dr. Rolf's life, she preached the importance of the fascia, which has received little attention, and she would been believed in humanity's potential to whole her life by awareness to gravity.



As a feature of the technique has devised from approach to mainly of the touch based on the conventional it release of fascia, and also the uniqueness of enhancing spontaneous remission for inherent to human beings by minimal intervention on really soft touch of called "yield work".


Focusing on the properties of the fascia, it will draw out the inherent elasticity of the distorted or biased parts, and create a space that maintains the balance of the whole body. The program composition has been divided into 10sessions until the integration of the whole body, each session have a different aimed. It promotes reorganization of physical structure for awareness of enhancing the perceptibility for the whole sense.


The Rolf Movement session, clients may also move together and re-education new movements. A session is created by a relationship based on a trust in two-way as communication of language, movements and touches. I feel that it is my role as Rolfer™ to provide reliable support.


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