Harmony of Gravity


Living on this planet, our human being are constantly subject to the limitations of gravity. Today's modern and convenient lifestyles are so far removed from humanity's original way of life that many of us suffer from lifestyle-related diseases. Perhaps it is time for us to rethink ourselves as part of nature.

What our usually overlook because we are normally on our life, there must be we can not see or touch on that. But, we can feel it in our bodies. Because of the universal gravity, so we can stand on this beautiful planet of the earth.

In Rolfing® aims to increase body perception and to integrate function and structure. It awakens your awareness of your inner and outer space. In doing so, the body's intelligent is increased and the integration of the body in harmony with gravity becomes possible. What I am offering for is not an answer, but joy from the body. When you are ready to accept everything, you will wake up to be part of nature again.

Expire the Possibility


Our human beings have many intertwined factors such as race, environment, culture, heredity and life background. That is why I believe that every person living on this planet has a unique and comfortable movement of life or lifestyle.

Movement is the source of life. Let's look again at our everyday breathing, posture and walking. In order to maximise the potential of the spontaneous remission of all living beings, I use a unique and individualists strategy for the session. We are beings with more potential and possibilities than we can imagine.

The Rolfer™ is only a suggestions for you, it is up to you to accept and have a joy the changes. We encourage you to become aware of the sensations in your own body, as this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your mind and body. We also invite you to regain some of your forgotten senses by feeling the elements of nature. Enjoy the harmony with gravity.


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