Harmony of Gravity


The our human being of life in the gravity field has continued since we started stand up on two legs, but it is impossible to resist the gravity of great nature. We may need to regard ourself as a part of nature and review contemporary life again.

What our usually overlook because we are there normally on our life. We can not see or touch on that. But, we can feel it in our bodies. Because of the universal gravity, so we can stand on this beautiful planet of the earth.

With Rolfing®, by flowing gravity from top of the sky to the earth with clear in your body, the axis of the body can be re-orecognized, and aiming at re-organizing into a comfortable body movement that can be in harmony with gravity. What I hope to seek there is enjoyment, not the answer. When your system is ready to accept everything, you would be easy to feel the element of nature.

Expire the Possibility


Our human beings are intertwined with various elements such as race, environment, culture, heredity and living background. Therefore, I think that all people who live on this earth possess a unique character and comfortable movement (walking) by each individual.

Comfortable posture and walk by the high quality breathing. I constitute an original strategy as the main force in it, but the strategy could be originality as well as an individual client. Raise possibility of the spontaneous remission that originally possesses all human beings have in the maximum. Our human being is the creature which had potential more than expected in.

The Rolfer™ is a proposer to the last, it is up to you to accept and enjoy of the transformation. I suggest you to a perfect opportunity to reflect a mind and the body by realizing original own body sence for awareness. I hope you to regain the sense that forgot by perceiving a element of the nature again. Please enjoy harmony with the gravity.


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