Characteristic of Fascia

The fascia is continuous and in direct contact with the adjacent fascia. It has been several beautifully layered, is like a nets that holds the whole body. By utilizing the continuity of the fascia, we can create "Movement" perform smooth and elegant movement.


The fascia has approximately 6〜10 times more sensory neuroreceptors than muscle tissue. They are feel from internal and external pressure, and constantly sending any information that condition of muscular contraction and more 10〜15 times faster than nerves system to the brain. Also the immune system also uses a network of fascia to maintain health. In particular the sole of the foot is rich in sensory called Mechano-receptors and it receive the state of balance information of the whole body.


Fascia containing collagen (main component of extracellular matrix) and elastin (hard protein with high elasticity) hyaluronic acid (excellent water retention function) has two properties of plasticity (elastic property) and elasticity (properties to be restored). Their two properties are used to relieve strained fascia and to restructure for integral body structure.


Fascia tissue is distorted due to psychological stress due to past accidents or injuries, imbalanced lifestyle habit or postural changes due to aging, and mental stress against the living environment, etc,, Overall imbalance could be resulting of physical function to considered for cause of chronic pain.

Effects of Rolfing®


By improving the quality of breathing, it is more easy to awareness of the body. Improvement of sense and perceptibility activates the spontaneous remission and helps maintain normal health. With efficient physical movement and comfortable posture, you can expect use the body less tired than before.


Re-recognizing own body axis, improving performance, creating elegant behavior, it will enhancing the sense of fulfillment with new possibilities and confidence. Releasing from subconsciously muscle contraction helps to improve the circulation and metabolism of the body, and also helps to improve the comfortable mind and body for your lifestyle.

In addition, you will face cleanly by accepting yourself at psychologically, recalling the potential of your originally for establishing your self. You can also be able to have afford to interact with others, you can feel the reduction of stress in daily life.

(All the effects are individual differences. Please note in advance.)


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